The Digital Learning Community and the National Digital Learning Forum share the following values:





These values are expressed in the following ways:

COMMSKETCHWe share practice

We advise on learning content

We focus on the learning opportunities

We promote the use of digital technologies

We will support the education community in overcoming some of the barriers to learning with digital technology.

We will gain a wide perspective and distil ideas into clear and coherent conclusions for schools and authorities to consider

We will help to shape the future direction of the national Digital Learning and Teaching Programme

We will help to shape the curriculum, learning, teaching, assessment  and support arrangements

Working towards these values

A range of different approaches have been adopted in Scotland to support the use of digital technologies for learning. In addition, children, young people and staff in early years and school settings are provided with a national service to support digital learning and teaching. This service is called Glow.



Glow provides access to a range of digital tools and services through a single username and password. It is an environment in which all learners and teachers can create, collaborate and innovate to improve learning outcomes.


Find out more:


Glow Connect is the communications hub for Glow. It provides the latest updates and advice on getting started with the service.



The Glow Gallery provides examples of how Glow is being used to support learning and teaching:

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