The National Digital Learning Forum was launched at the Scottish Learning Festival 2014.Education Scotland approached a wide number of representative groups to ask for nominations to a range of Curriculum Learning Teaching Assessment & Support (CLTAS) forums, including the NDLF. The group meet quarterly.


The purpose of the National Digital Learning Forum (NDLF) is to act as a group exploring, evaluating and recommending approaches to digital learning and teaching.

With the help of practitioners, NDLF aims to achieve the following:

  • Support and contribute to the implementation of the National Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy
  • Identify examples of practice where outcomes for learners have been improved, and share these appropriately
  • Provide opportunities (through NDLF events) for a range of stakeholders to agree actions to embed, sustain and maintain the relevance of digital learning
  • Produce clear communications and engagement channels for stakeholders
  • Use evidence from research, conversations and events with stakeholders to underpin the actions of the NDLF to effect change
  • Evaluate the impact of the NDLF though evidence that shows its actions are leading to improved outcomes for all learners.


Pam MacDowall (Chair) Renfrewshire Council
Louise Foreman Dundee City Council. Currently Education Scotland on secondment.
Fearghal Kelly Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL)
Terence Lanagan Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES)
Lorraine Munro Early Years, Angus
David Barnett School Leaders Scotland
Judy Robertson Edinburgh University
Jo Bell Kinross Primary School
Graeme Clark Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
Paul Nisbitt CALL Scotland
Kirsten Urquhart/Allan Lindsay Young Scot
Sheona Craig National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS)
Claire Lowe West College Scotland
Rob Stephen VOICE Scotland
Scott Anderson NASUWT Representative
Teri Connolly EIS Representative
Charlaine Simpson General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS)
Eileen Prior Scottish Parent Teaching Council

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