Using Glow to make a #DigitalDifference

Glow offers a range of digital tools and services that can enrich learning and teaching. The examples below will give you an idea of how Glow can help make a positive difference in education.

Using OneDrive within Glow to increase collaboration in education.

Collaboration to aid learning and test understanding of new concepts is a vital part of education and digital technologies provide valuable opportunities in this area.


OneDrive within Glow is an online storage system that allows users to save digital files such as word documents, videos, presentations and images and then access them from any internet enabled digital device.

Once saved, users can share files saved to OneDrive with their peers. This allows learners to access each other’s work and engage in virtual collaboration by sharing information and working together to create new learning resources. Similarly, teachers can use OneDrive to aid their career long professional development. Networks of teachers can easily use OneDrive to pool expertise and jointly create resources to aid learning and teaching.


Traditionally, both learners and teachers have been limited to collaborating with peers within their education establishment or immediate networks. Digital technology allows individuals to readily and easily collaborate with peers from across Scotland.

You can find out more about OneDrive and how it can enhance learning and teaching here

Developing digital literacy and digital citizenship using Yammer.

The internet is now central to all of our lives and we are spending more and more time online. It is therefore vital that we equip our children and young people with the skills and knowledge to flourish and thrive in an online environment.


Yammer within Glow is a secure online social network environment as it can only be accessed by those with a Glow login. It therefore provides an ideal opportunity to introduce learners to social media platforms and educate them on appropriate uses. Learners can easily connect with other learners from across Scotland, develop online communication skills and understand the importance of digital citizenship.


Once learners have an understanding of appropriate internet usage, they can put these skills to use by creating Yammer groups with likeminded peers and easily discuss learning and collaborate on future projects. Such activities can contribute to delivering the refreshed experiences and outcomes for digital literacy; especially those relating to cyber resilience and internet safety. Ultimately, the use of secure online environments such as Glow Yammer can help ensure that learners can safely use online environments outside of the classroom.

You can find out more about Glow Yammer and how it can enhance learning and teaching here

Using OneNote in Glow to adapt to individual learning styles.

The use of digital technology offers a unique level of flexibility when it comes to the delivery of education. The digital tools and services within Glow allow teachers to easily tailor their approach to meet the needs of individual learners.


OneNote within Glow allows teachers to easily create virtual class notebooks which can be accessed by all learners in the class and include:

  • Student notebooks – a space where each individual learner can save their work and record their learning. This virtual space can only be accessed by the relevant learner and the class teacher.
  • A content library – a space where the teacher can share course materials and resources with the class.
  • A collaboration space – a space where the teachers and all the learners in the class can share resources and collaborate to aid future learning.

A variety of media can be uploaded onto any part of the class notebook (pictures, word files, spread sheets, digital presentation, videos, audio recordings etc). A teacher can therefore encourage learners to complete a task in the way that suits them best, with digital files being uploaded immediately and non-digital work being recorded by photo, video or audio before being uploaded.


Using OneNote in this way allows learners the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them. It is when this happens that learners have opportunities to improve their educational outcomes.

You can find out more about OneNote and how it can enhance learning and teaching here