#DigiLearnScot Week 2 – 6 March



 *Sync with our public calendar




The aim of the National Digital Learning Week is to:

  • share the innovative and exciting ways in which learners are using digital technologies in school
  • develop a National Digital Learning Community comprising teachers/educators across Scotland
  • encourage pledges from educators about what they are going to do next to change their practice

Have a look at what is happening.

Be inspired and get involved

This is your chance to give I.T. a go! 




If you have an idea of your own 

Get in touch with us using whichever method below suits and let us know what you’re planning


glowpurple.fw Use Glow


Log on to bit.ly/digilearnscot

Use the events button Events to tell us your plans.


Snip20150207_2 Use Email


Email digitallearningcommunity@gmail.com to share your plans.

We will include them in our calendar of events for you.


Snip20150207_4 Use Twitter



Tweet @ndlcscot what you are planning – remember to use the #digilearnscot

Please let us know if your event is going to be public or private.

Join the conversation

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