#DigiLearnScot Pledges


#DigiLearnScot week has encouraged some fantastic sharing and collaboration across the country


But we don’t want it to stop there…

Make a #DigiLearnScot pledge and say what your next steps will be for digital learning and teaching.

As usual, you can do this in many different ways, though our preferred option would be if you could add it via our O365 link and make it easier for us to track everything that people are doing.


Two ways to make your pledgespngspacer

1. Pledge with Glow O365

Add your next steps intentions to our professional learning communities (PLCs)






2. Pledge with a reply comment right here and now

Just reply below here with a comment on this page



One thought

  1. Its a great idea to invite everyone to make a pledge for National Digital Learning Week; we expect pupils to engage with new challenges all the time, but don’t always set ourselves a definitive task or stringent timetable.
    I pledge to work with pupils to develop a set of house-keeping protocols for use with our new netbooks. I aim to develop a set of ‘rules’ for handling hardware, an electronic cartoon character to promote this and a set of posters to remind pupils and staff about the expectation placed on them.
    Once this has been agreed, I want to inform parents of our plans by uploading the information onto the school website.


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