Langlees Primary School – Digital Leaders Project

Lauren Grundison digilearnLauren Grundison is a class teacher at Langlees Primary School. Over the past few months she has been putting in place a Digital Leaders group within her school. This piece aims to share some of the steps taken to establish the group, the reasons behind doing it and the benefits to the school.

Lauren had this to say on why she has established the group:

“I wanted to introduce Digital Leaders into our school because of the growing use of social media to promote learning in schools. I wanted to create a high profile position in our school where pupils could be digital role models to their peers and share how to stay safe using technology/social media. The empowerment of children is the key component to the Digital Leaders project where the children can drive positive change with digital technologies in our school.”

The role of the Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders have a number of responsibilities:

  • Plan and teach mini-lessons to classes about Internet Safety.
  • Update areas of the school website and “tweet” about Digital Leader progress on the school Twitter page.
  • Set up, use and put away technology used at assemblies, school shows etc.
  • Test new ICT resources such as apps for the iPads, websites, software or hardware.
  • Share their skills and expertise to support pupils, classes and teachers.
  • Work with children from other schools on Digital Leader projects.
  • Attend Digital Leader meetings and training.
  • Make ‘how to’ videos on how to solve common issues.

Recruiting the Group

Lauren wanted to give students experience of applying for a job and everything that’s involved in the process. A Digital Leaders Job advert was created and pupils were invited to apply.

Langlees Primary Digital Leaders Job Advert.png

Alongside this advert a full job description and application form was provided. Interested pupils completed their application and were invited to an interview. This process gave the role of a Digital Leader more status and provided the experience of applying for a job. Throughout this, parents/carers were kept informed and fully aware of their child applying for the post. The successful applicants were awarded their Digital Leader t-shirts and lanyards in a full school assembly.

What’s next?

With the Digital Leaders now in post, they are agreeing their vision for technology at Langlees and  deciding what their role should involve.

The Sway describes the journey so far for the Digital Leaders. If you have any questions or comments on this project please post them below or on the Glow Yammer Digital Learning & Teaching Community page



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