Engaging Families in Children’s Education – CPD for Teaching Professionals

Engaging Families in Children’s Education – CPD for Teaching Professionals

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council has designed their Engaging Families in Children’s Education course to meet the needs of professionals who want to understand the Why and the How of engaging families. Delegates will experience an innovative participatory workshop approach, modelling approaches we recommend when working with families.

The course, endorsed by the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL), is the first programme on SCEL’s framework to address family engagement. Delegates will use both theory and practical, interactive and reflective approaches to address the demands of both HGIOS4 and the NIF to develop a good understanding of the benefits and challenges of engaging families in Children’s education. It also provides a leadership development opportunity for Professional Update.

Online facilitated support is available after the course finishes.

We are currently taking bookings for this two-part course at the following:

Glasgow on 9th and 23rd January– https://www.universe.com/events/engaging-families-glasgow-tickets-RYJDV7

Aberdeen on 4th and 18th February – https://www.universe.com/events/engaging-families-aberdeen-tickets-HFSZ6J

Please contact Julie Deegan Wood at training@sptc.info or on 0131 474 8022 to discuss how we can run a course to meet your specific requirements.


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