Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy Launched

Digital technology at the heart of learning Action to raise attainment through improved use of technology.

A new strategy aimed at increasing the use of new technology in Scotland’s classrooms could bring about a “transformational change” in education. The Scottish Government hopes the blueprint will help more youngsters to develop the “digital skills that will be vital for life, learning and work in today’s increasingly digitised world”.

The strategy aims to develop the skills and confidence of teachers when using the latest technology, as well as making digital devices – such as computers and tablet devices – more accessible to all learners.

Speaking ahead of the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow on 21st September, Mr Swinney said:

“Evidence shows technology in the classroom can enhance learning and teaching, lead to improved educational outcomes and equip our children and young people with vital digital skills.

“This strategy is a key part of the Scottish Government’s mission to raise the educational attainment of our children and young people. It sets out how we and our partners will improve children’s access to digital learning opportunities, develop teachers’ skills and confidence and ensure the use of digital technology is central to our curriculum.

“Technology can be a powerful and engaging tool to enrich learning. We are determined to support Scotland’s teachers to use technology to its best potential so children can improve their educational outcomes and develop skills that will be vital for their life, learning and work.”

For more information and to download the strategy visit the Scottish Government website.



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