Middleton Park School – Innovative approach to learning – ‘Live Learning’


We want to hear from you.  Watch and comment on how Middleton Park School have gone ‘viral’ thanks to their ‘Live Learning Strategy’ which has seen weekly online films viewed over 60,000 times across 80 countries.

This short video sets out how the school has shared their learning with the world over the last 3 years, including an amazing collaborative Macbeth project with a partner school in Wuhan, China.  It also gives a flavour of the positive impact Live Learning is having on learners across the school, as well as demonstrating how it is helping parents and learners to connect by providing a window into the school.

Middleton Park Schools’ Head Teacher, Jenny Watson said:

“As well as digital learning being great fun, the work using digital technology in our school is helping to raise confidence amongst learners and teachers in its use.  Through digital learning we are also providing parents with an insight in to what is happening in school and we are opening our learners’ eyes to a career in digital by equipping them with the skills required for future life”

Whether you have done something comparable, are thinking about something similar or would like to know more about the Middleton Park School approach, what are your thoughts?

5 thoughts

  1. Great article and nice to see the use of video to share learning. Many Falkirk schools have YouTube channels for sharing the learning which goes on in and around their schools – the YouTube channel for Falkirk Council Children’s Services links to the individual school channels (as well as having playlists of videos on themes such as Outdoor Learning, or Active Literacy, etc) https://www.youtube.com/user/FCEducationServices/


    1. Malcolm, Glad you liked the article! The range of activities and ways in which Middleton Park School is using digital learning across the curriculum is inspiring. Thanks for also setting out the approach in Falkirk.

      I’d like to hear from others. Whether that be similar activity using video to share learning, or other ways in which digital is aiding learning and teaching with early years – what are you doing?


  2. Love this video and article. Information technology can be a bit scarey for us and sometimes a bit of an add-on or vehicle for literacy and numeracy especially with younger children.
    The connections with parents is fantastic and the idea of sharing their learning throughout the school with every child contributing and participating.
    This sense of empowerment for the children is surely what we should all be aiming for.


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