Kirkton of Largo Primary – Benefits of Digital Technology and Glow


We want to hear from you. Watch and comment on how Kirkton of Largo have embraced digital learning and teaching, curriculum wide, and how it has helped to bring alive lessons.

This video showcases different ways in which digital technology and Glow can help learners and teachers; from using classic stories such as “The Hungry Caterpillar” to teach sequencing and developing skills in Pivot animation, to visiting the Sky Academy to develop learners filming and editing skills they have begun learning in the classroom.

Next Step

Whether you have done something comparable, are thinking about something similar or would like to know more about the Kirkton of Largo Primary approach, what are your thoughts?

One thought

  1. Primary 4 at Cochrane Castle Primary School in Johnstone have also been using iPads this week. For our topic on the USA we brought famous landmarks to life using the app Morfo. Pupils agreed that they were more motivated and engaged when using digital technology to find out and display information this way. We find Glow very useful to keep in touch with our pen pals in Glasgow and we are able to share our learning with them.


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