iRights Youth Commissioner


Young Scot, the Scottish Government and iRights have recently launched iRights Youth Commission Scotland, to support a diverse national group of young people to develop informed insights, ideas, recommendations and solutions in relation to “How Scotland can become a nation which realises children and young people’s digital rights”. We’re now looking for 15-20 young people aged between 14 and 21 from across Scotland to be Commissioners and participate in this 12-month investigation. This group of young people will have the chance to advise key organisations, leaders and decision-makers on what they think should happen to try to make Scotland a nation which realises children and young people’s digital rights. The commissioners will take part in approximately 6-8 meetings and events throughout the year, as well as some investigation work in their own time.

To take part in the commission, the young person doesn’t need to have any formal qualifications – just an interest in issues relating to young people, Scotland and their digital world.  They should also be a good communicator, be able to understand and listen to other people’s views, work within a group and have the flexibility, commitment and willingness to travel across Scotland throughout 2015-2016.

This is a great opportunity for young people to boost their CV as one of Scotland’s iRights Youth Commissioners, and achieve recognition for their involvement through accreditation such as a Youth Achievement Award. They will receive in-depth training to support their role as Youth Commissioners, as well as mentoring and support. With plenty of opportunities to challenge both decision makers and themselves, it is an invaluable experience for them to increase their confidence, be empowered, and make great friends for life.

For more information please visit YoungScot.

If you work with or know any young person who are passionate about making the digital world a better place, and who would like to be part of something which has the potential of ensuring that all children and young people can access the internet creatively, knowledgeably, and fearlessly – please invite them to get in touch with us. To find out more, they can contact the Young Scot team for free on 0808 801 0338 or email

The closing date for applications is Friday 18th December 2015. We will be holding a selection day on Saturday 9th January 2016.

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