Literature review finds digital learning can support raising attainment

In September, the Scottish Government and Education Scotland launched a public consultation on the development of a new digital learning and teaching strategy for Scotland.

In order to help inform and support development of the strategy, today the Scottish Government has published the findings of literature review exploring the impact of digital technology on learning and teaching.

The review looked at published literature from academic, governmental and professional sources, focusing in particular on the impact of digital technology on five key priorities for education in Scotland:

  • raising attainment;
  • tackling inequalities and promoting inclusion;
  • improving transitions into employment;
  • enhancing parental engagement; and
  • improving the efficiency of the education system.

The review has found:

  • conclusive evidence that the effective use of digital technology can support educational attainment in general (and in maths and science particularly);
  • indicative evidence that it can help to close gaps in attainment amongst learners; and
  • promising evidence that it can help to enable: improved assistance for learners with additional support needs; improvements in employability skills; improved communications with parents; and time efficiencies for teachers.

The review has concluded that successful implementation of digital learning and teaching requires support for teachers in the following areas:

  • opportunities to learn formally and informally, including via initial teacher training and continuing professional development;
  • direction and leadership within a school;
  • reliable access to digital equipment and tools; and
  • an educational environment that offers flexibility for teachers in using digital learning.

The consultation document published by the Scottish Government and Education Scotland reflects and builds on these themes.

The full literature review is now available online.

The consultation document and more information about how to participate in the consultation can be found at the Scottish Government Consultation Hub. The consultation is open to all and runs until 17 December 2015.

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