Maths and Mobile Technologies


On 13th November 2015 tessinsight published an article reporting research into the use of mobile devices in the Maths classroom with P-6-7 learners.

“Research into primary maths lessons finds that not all children respond well to learning on mobile devices. Giving pupils tablet computers does not automatically make them more interested in school subjects, and some children still work better offline, a study suggests.”

The full tess article can be accessed at Why tablets are a hard pill for some pupils to follow.

The research was carried out by Khristin Fabian from Dundee University and her full research paper can be read at Maths and Mobile Technologies: Student Attitudes and Perceptions.

Her research concludes in the following way.

This study investigated student perceptions on the use of mobile technologies. The findings show that students have a positive perception on the use of mobile technologies for learning and these positive perceptions can be attributed to the design of the activities, its ability to engage and motivate students by making the learning tasks enjoyable and relevant. It also highlights the flexibility of mobile devices to support various learning tasks and its capacity to offer students a different way to visualise and contextualise maths concepts. The results on effect of using mobile technologies to students’ attitudes towards mathematics has been limited and needs further investigation. The dependence of this study on self-reporting can be improved by incorporating data that would triangulate results (for example, adding teacher observation to student feedback).

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