SpyQuest short story competition

SpyQuest is a narrative-based game, and the generic storylines are full of rich and fascinating hooks. Polybius Games has agreed a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution that allows them to use artefacts from the museum in the storylines, and the narrative is often based around areas of historical, geographical or cultural fascination, such as the Mayans, Robin Hood, Arca Pearl in Dubai, stagecoach robberies in Arizona and our own Mary Queen of Scots.

Polybius are inviting children in P5-7 to write a spy-themed story of 750 words or fewer, with some fantastic prizes to be won. The winners will receive a SpyQuest game based on the plot of their story, and Polybius staff will visit the winner’s school to host a live SpyQuest event. The deadline for entries is 5pm, Friday 27 November. You can find out all the competition information in this document. Thereafter, all you need is your invisibility cloak and your wits about you. So what are you waiting for? Get those pens the ready and unleash your inner Bond.

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