Anywhere-Anytime Woodfarm High

Supporting Anywhere-Anytime Learning

At Woodfarm High School I have been using the sites on Glow to help prepare learners for their course assignments at National 4 – Higher level in Business Management. The aim is for them to use the features on the sites to communicate with each other as well as with other members of staff. To date they have been mainly using the sites to access course materials at home to help them complete their assignments.

I have also been piloting a blog through Glow for my Higher/National 5 Administration & IT class in which each pupil takes responsibility for preparing a blog post about the learning that took place for that week. So far they have managed to upload their posts with pictures e.g. mind maps they have created etc. I have shared the link with the Glow “Sharing our Learning” site:

The prelims for S4 will be taking place on the week beginning 16 November, so evening support sessions will be starting fairly soon. I’ll update the Sharing Zone on as this approach to digital learning and teaching develops.

Paul Lindsay
Woodfarm High School


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