EdTech Reporting

On September 15th the OECD released its report ‘Students, computers and learning. The full report can be accessed on the OECD site.

The report has been widely covered in the press globally.

On 5th October the Boston Globe ran the headline ‘More technology at schools doesn’t lead to better education, data finds‘.

Under the headline ‘The problem with one of the biggest changes in education around the world’, the Washington Post used data from the report to state that children’s literacy was suffering as a result of computer use.

‘There’s an interesting thing happening in countries where kids are the most comfortable with computers: they aren’t reading all that well. In fact, the more children use computers at school, the more their reading abilities seem to suffer.’

The Journal, an American publication for ‘K-12 senior-level district and school administrators, technologists, and tech-savvy educators’, reported ‘New OECD Report Slams Computers – and Actually Says Why They Can Hurt Learning.’

The Wall Street Journal stated, ‘Technology in Classrooms Doesn’t Always Boost Education Results, Says OECD.’

It’s worth reading the Executive Summary in the original OECD report to judge the relevance of these headlines.

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