Gender and Digital Equality

Over a decade ago the development of technologies was hailed as the great leveler or equalizer. It would open opportunities for all and reduce the gap across a whole range of inequalities in society.

In an article in The Sunday Times, Martha Lane Fox challenges this.

‘THE digital revolution has turned back the clock for women working in the technology sector, according to Martha Lane Fox, the entrepreneur who co-founded

Bemoaning the lack of women in the IT industry, Lane Fox, 42, now a crossbench peer, said that when she began her career in the late 1990s, she expected technology to be a levelling tool.

“But when I look at Silicon Valley over the years right up to now, it is one bunch of very rich white men transferring their wealth to another bunch of very rich white men. It is as if we women are absent. We are going back in time,” she told the festival.’

You can read the article at Women sidelined in digital world

The Education Scotland 2015 ‘Technologies 3-18 impact report’ highlighted gender issues in the technologies. You can access that report at Technologies 3-18 impact report.

The latest research on gender imbalance in the technologies can be found on the Education Scotland STEM Central site.

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