Zero to Virtual Hero MyWoW


Online CAREERS portal My World of Work, which was once dismissed as a way to cut spending and limit face-to-face advice, has surprised critics by winning over the people it was feared it could replace.

A spokesman for Unison, the union which represents Skills Development Scotland careers advisers, said the SDS website was now providing a good service. The portal “complements and supports the advice and guidance process”, he added.

Meanwhile, a new report published by Education Scotland, The Use of My World of Work Web Service to Support Effective Career Planning, praises the site for its effectiveness.

The report concludes that most MyWoW sessions provide school and college students with a useful introduction to careers advice.

It adds that “an extensive range of online resources provides customers and partners with access to real-time employment and educational opportunities locally and further afield”, and says that MyWoW also provides useful information to help parents and carers support young people.

READ the full TESS news story here

Visit the My World of Website here

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