How can you get involved in the Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy discussions?

During a visit to the Glow Connect stand at the Scottish Learning Festival, Dr Allan, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages, launched the formal consultation of a Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy.

The key themes that are being consulted on are those designed to have the greatest impact on learning outcomes for our children and young people. Those themes are: empowering leaders of change to drive innovation and investment in digital technology for learning and teaching; improving access to digital technology for all learners; ensuring curriculum and assessment relevance in a digital context; extending the skills and confidence of teachers in the appropriate and effective use of digital technology.

The National Digital Learning Forum is hosting online discussions around these themes at:

There you will be asked to consider if the four key themes identified are the right ones to focus on, are there other themes that should be considered, do you agree with the priorities for action that are outlined, or should other actions be considered.

You can access the consultation document and find details of how to respond here.

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