Computers, creativity and learning

Professor Judy Robertson, Chair in Digital Learning/Research Lead in ETL at Moray House School of Education in Edinburgh, maintains a research blog about technology in teaching (‘particularly university teaching with technology and computer games’).

You can access the blog here  

Blog Extract

So-called digital natives can’t solve problems with technology

Remember the “digital native” hype from the early 2000s? There was a lot of discussion about how there was a new generation of children growing up were born with access to technology, and that their technological prowess  would be such that traditional education would need to reform to accommodate it. Research evidence is now growing to confirm that the superior skills of digital natives are in fact not a reality. So you can feel quite smug if you rolled your eyes every time someone mentioned “digital natives” since 2001.

A report from Change the Equation -a US non for profit group which advocates STEM education- recently reported that 58% of Americans aged between 16 and 34 have poor skills when it comes to solving problems using technology. Let’s take a look at this in more depth…..

Many thanks to Professor Robertson for permission to share.

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