Inclusion and Equity

The NDLF sponsored events exploring the theme of Inclusion and Equity were held in Glasgow and Aberdeen in 2015.


Inclusion is about taking action to remove barriers to participation and learning for all learners. An inclusive approach to education involves creating an ethos of achievement for all pupils within a climate of high expectation; valuing a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements; promoting success and self-esteem by taking action to remove barriers to learning; countering conscious and unconscious discrimination that may prevent individuals, or pupils from any particular groups, from thriving in the school; and actively promoting understanding and a positive appreciation of the diversity of individuals and groups within society.                    Count Us In, HMIE (2002).

Digital Technology in Education

A range of tools, services and approaches have been associated with inclusion and equity and these include: equitable access to high speed broadband, technology and digital resources in and outside of school for all learners; interactive learning materials that are personalised to individual needs; technologies that ensure all learners can interact to a greater extent with their peers, improving social skills and enhancing acceptance; the use of assistive technologies that support specialised learning needs; technologies, such as mobile devices, that give learners more control over their own learning; technologies that ensure all learners can fully participate in classroom activities and complete assignments independently; software that helps to train or practice; text to speech applications that support literacy; planning or mapping tools that support learners in structuring their learning.

Executive Summary Stakeholder Eventspdficon

Inclusion and Equity Report Stakeholder Eventpdficon

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