Improving Efficiency

The NDLF sponsored event exploring the theme of Improving Efficiency was held at the Education Scotland offices in Aberdeen on July 3rd 2015.

Digital Technology in Education

A range of tools and services have been associated with improved efficiencies and these include: support for teacher CLPL through online Professional Learning Communities that encourage peer support, anywhere-anytime learning, targeted instruction and access to outside experts; teacher networks that enable educators to create, share, re-use and adapt classroom resources, saving time and effort (a recent study claimed a time saving of 75% where users adapted elearning content that had been created by others); video conferencing supporting learning cross geographically diverse areas (learners have benefited from access to teachers in specialist subjects using conferencing as a tool); homework services that enable teachers to set, collect and mark online and provide parental support; management and administration tools such as electronic registers that automatically collate reports and provide parents with immediate information; electronic room booking systems that bring efficiencies to the management of school resources; data analysis tools that enable and improve targeted support for learner needs; lesson observation systems that enable teachers to peer review and assess each others teaching methods and styles; use of automatically-marked on screen assessments.

Executive Summary Stakeholder Events pdficon

Improving Efficiency Stakeholder Event pdficon

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