How can research be made more accessible?


Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection.

The latest OECD report on the use of technology to support learning made for interesting reading,

The press tended to cover it in a fairly negative way – BBC, Computers ‘do not improve pupil results’ say OECD,

The actual OECD report was more nuanced, suggesting that the key issue lay around teacher skills and developing these in a way to support effective use of the technology.

One issue is ensuring that teachers have access to and can interpret educational research in a way that has an impact on their own classroom practice.

The GTCS is piloting its own research engagement hub:

The Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) recognises the importance of being research rich:

The National Digital Learning Forum has as part of its remit the promotion of research and evidence as a basis for action.

How can we support practitioners in engaging with research and making their own contribution to it?

3 thoughts

  1. Interesting report and I agree – it is about the pedagogy and not the technology. Looking forward to engaging in discussion on how we can do this better. It’s time to move beyond tablets and computers.


    1. This is a repost from a point made on the TESS community forum in response to this question (re-posted with permission from the original author):

      ‘Teachers are really busy. Too many schools will not accept professional reading as genuine CPD. Engaging in and with research is fabby but there’s barely time to get the basics done at the moment.’


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