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Facebook advert to teach in remote Highland school draws interest from India to Canada

When residents of the remote Highland village of Scoraig advertised for a teacher on Facebook, it was more out of desperation than hope.

Two council attempts to hire a teacher for the tiny crofting settlement of 70 people, on the shore of Little Loch Broom in north-west Scotland, had failed, as applicants questioned why they would need to catch a boat to the interview. So the five primary school-aged children were left relying on a string of supply teachers.

Like everything else coming to Scoraig, they had to come by boat across the loch, or endure a five-mile hike to the nearest road.

“Very quickly after our last temporary teacher left we found out exactly how hard it would be to find a well qualified teacher willing to move here,” said Zoe Fothergill, the Scoraig Teacher Group administrator who posted the Facebook advert two weeks ago. “To live here is a lifestyle choice, and it isn’t for everyone. It’s a problem all remote Highland communities face and in our case we are almost an island, we are that cut off.”

Read the full story here.

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