10 Free Apps and Tools for Starting Out (and Staying) Organized

This is a blog post from Monica Burns at Edutopia that gives a list of apps to help you stay organised. We can of course add a few to this list, including Office 365 as an alternative to Google Apps that is available with single sign on through Glow.

The start of a new school year is a great time to think back and reflect about what’s really worked for you and what isn’t quite cutting it. When it comes to staying organized, there is no one-size-fits-all. It’s really all about finding the system that works for you, picking apps or tools that you will actually use, and remembering that there are lots of options to choose from as you figure out the best fit.

As you sort through the following list, don’t consider trying out all of these items at once. Pick one or two, put them into practice for a month, and then reflect on if and how well they’re helping you stay organized. You may choose to add that website or app to your tool belt as you explore another resource, or you may decide to scrap that tool and try something completely new. As you read about the following apps and web tools, imagine how they might help you stay organized in the new year.

30/30 (iOS – Free, upgrades available)

This super-useful task manager is perfect for teachers with a long to-do list. Whether that list is totally professional or a mix of personal and work items, this app lets you color-code and assign icons to different tasks. All you have to do is open the app, assign how much time you want to spend on a particular item, and the countdown clock will start. It’s great for staying focused on less exciting tasks and not getting caught up in those too-exciting projects when there’s still a long list of things to do.

Google Docs (iOS, Android, Web Browser – Free)

Google Docs are high on my list of favorite tools for staying organized. You can work from a Chromebook, MacBook, iPhone, or tablet, and all of your documents will stay up to date. Not only is it great for collaborating (time that can be hard to schedule), but it also gives you the flexibility to work from lots of different devices and stay on task no matter what’s thrown at you. You can access Google Docs from a web browser or a dedicated app like the ones revamped last year for iOS devices. There is the option to create and share folders, making it easy to find that document you’re seeking.

Pocket (iOS, Android, Web Browser – Free, upgrades available)

I’ve shared the reasons for why Pocket is great for keeping track of your personal learning network (PLN). With this app and website, you can also bookmark different articles to keep them organized for easy reference. You can add tags to these articles so that they’re easy to locate or revisit. My inbox and Twitter feed are full of articles that I don’t usually have time to “drop everything and read,” even though I can’t wait to check them out. When I finally get that free minute to sit and read, I can use a mobile device or web browser to access the whole list of articles.

Twitter Lists (iOS, Android, Web Browser – Free)

Staying on top of your Twitter feed can be a challenge for connected educators. Create lists within your Twitter account to group people who share common interests or who are part of an organization. (For example, I have a Twitter list full of fellow Apple Distinguished Educators.) You might decide to create a list of favorite education Twitter feeds that includes Edutopia’s Twitter account.

Sunrise (iOS, Android, Web Browser – Free)

Sunrise is a great alternative to the calendar apps that you may be using, or a new one for those of you transferring your paper scheduling books to your mobile device. It has a clean, crisp interface that integrates with lots of different platforms including Google Calendar, iCloud on iOS devices, and Microsoft Outlook. Sunrise also connects with apps like LinkedIn and Facebook, integrating information for a unique experience.

And a Few More. . .

  • Pinterest: The ability to create boards on Pinterest makes it easy to organize ideas and information into different categories.
  • Any.do: Here’s a wonderful task manager that helps you keep up with your to-do list.
  • Dropbox: This cloud sharing service integrates with lots of different apps, helping your files stay organized.
  • Voxer: You can use this walkie-talkie app for connecting with your PLN or colleagues to quickly share information.

What’s missing from this list? Add your favorite apps and web tools in the comments, or share a tip for staying organized this year!

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