Music Technology at Greenwood Academy

Our visit to the Music Department at Greenwood Academy in North Ayrshire was to see some of the tasks learners were undertaking as part of their Nat5 Music Technology course. The post below describes what we saw. A huge thanks to Alyson Rogers for inviting us – what engaged and enthusiastic learners we met, as you can see from the videos below!

This task involves planning and creating a radio show that lasts approximately 3 minutes and covers 2 genres of music, introducing a guest, a phone interview, an advert and a DJ Drop (jingle for their DJ name).

The pupils use GarageBand to create the sound effects for the DJ Drop and advert as well as recording their voice using a condenser microphone which they can apply an effect to. They also have to write a script for their advert and find appropriate background music for it. They then have to record their telephone interview with a partner, using sounds effects to make the voice sound as though it is coming through a telephone. The last part of the preparation is choosing 2 tracks to play and gathering information about the tracks in order to introduce them.

Once all the parts have been recorded, the pupils have to write a script for the whole show, before recording it.

Check out the videos below from the learners at Greenwood Academy Music Department.

Using equipment to record music

James – Using Pro Tools 10 software

Kiran – Recording Live Music

Adi – What is the Radio Show?

Madison & Kiran – Using sound equipment for the Radio Show

Louisa – DJ Drop

Madison – Recording background sound

Jodie – Drum Tracks

Holly & Rachel – Sound effects

Lee – Mixing music

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