Day Three Diary Post – Boghall Primary Visit

Snip20150312_1We had the pleasure of visiting Boghall Primary in Bathgate on the third day of #DigiLearnScot week and what a treat it was! They wanted to share with us how they embedded digital technologies into their learning and boy, did they! From their daily Glow meets run, written and presented by the P3 pupils to their ChickFlicks project to the opportunities they have around personalisation and choice when it comes to presenting their work.

We were treated to a live Glow Meet broadcast to the whole school where they share the important news for the day, including a daily challenge set for all classes, the weather, birthdays and a visit to the Chick Flick camera where the pupils could see live what had been happening with their newly hatched chicks. The P3 pupils then shared with us their roles in making this daily broadcast happen. They have presenters, a technical team, autocue operators and crowd controllers! We may be borrowing them to help with Glow TV events!

Some P7 pupils shared what they had done with their civil rights project and how they made use of digital tools to present their work. Both were extremely proud of what they had done and were able to explain clearly their choices. Impressive stuff!

The P7 technical team explained their role in running assemblies and school events – they control the mother ship! This means they are solely responsible for the sound and images used in events – responsible citizens, indeed.

It was then our turn to tell them what our favourite digital technology was and how we used it in our daily work. The learners were keen to emphasise to us that the skills they are using in school today will help support them in the jobs of the future. And they had some great ideas about what the “tech” of the future would look like:

  • No need to food shop, fridge does it for you!
  • All digital textbooks.
  • Paper that when you touch it shows you the video that you want.
  • 50D TVs that you can reach into!

It was a real privilege to be invited and to see how the use of digital technologies is having a lasting impact on the children’s learning.

And so to today’s pledge – I pledge to share what I have seen with a wider audience and to continue to encourage others to embed technologies into all areas of school life for the benefit of learners.

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