My #digilearnscot diary – day 4

Probably the most frantic day so far, but very enjoyable!

John Sexton and I based ourselves for the day in Lockerbie PS as part of the Build-a-space event. Several folk appeared with their interesting requests but, perhaps the most striking request was from 4 young men from S6 in Lockerbie Academy who were looking for an online space for one of their projects.

They are supporting the transition of local learners from various P7 classes to S1. Their clever idea is to film various aspects of school life and make the videos available to P7 learners online. Before the end of the discussion, we had also added a conversation tool, a #helpmelearn system and a flavour of school events.

Over the day we developed a demo site and, if you have a Glow username and password, you’ll see it being tested over the next wee while here at #movingonla. Once we’re happy, this could be a template that is reusable for other clusters to use.

As every day this week, a great part of my day is to check up on the stories. Oh and somewhere along the way, John and I found time to tune into the Brydekirk LearnMeet on Glow TV.

Finally, Education Scotland Film Unit (aka Iain Fyfe) and Lorna Purdie of DGC hot-footed it from filming St Michael’s learners and joined us in the library for  interviews with P4 learners who started the #meandglow conversation. Our aim is to have a presentation ready for the next meeting of the National Digital Learning Forum!

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