My #digilearnscot diary – Day 3

titlesWe’re over halfway through the week already and it has fair flown in. It was an early start for me as I headed down to Lockerbie. John Sexton and myself will be based in Lockerbie PS tomorrow as we help out with Thursday’s activities in the Dumfries leg of #digilearnscot week! It’s got to be the best leg, not that I am biased or anything

As always, Mrs Carter (the headteacher), the staff and learners were so accommodating and friendly as I took over a part of the library to get set up for Build-a-space live.

(Psst, still room on the building schedule if you want a space built!)

It was great to meet up again with Scott Anderson and see how things were going with #meandglow conversation. Scott’s learners will film some contributions tomorrow and we have several audio interviews with other young learners to publish.

And of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without frequent visits to the Digital Storytelling stories as our various protagonists deal with rumblings under the streets of Glasgow, dragons, golden keys, the mysterious Chancer and a heidie called Mr Morris who worryingly has developed black and red flashing eyes!

Finally I started an email to go out to educators taking part in Storytelling activities to ask that they make a #digilearnpledge. I am hoping that some will join in my own pledge which is to make an online toolkit for educators to run round-robin storytelling experiences of their own.

So far I have only a name for the toolkit– the SAYU, Story As Yet Untold. Geddit?

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