My #digilearnscot diary – day 2

Much of an interesting day was spent managing the digital storytelling handovers and hearing from teachers and learners involved. The third story, started by Theresa Breslin went live today.

The different approaches have been interesting. Some have used an interactive board with one ‘editor’ to jot ideas as learners brainstorm the story. Some opt for 2 or 3 editors and are supporting learners to work in groups as part of the experience.

By whatever means at the end of Day 2, all of the stories have a name and several chapters apiece. The links below will take you straight to the spaces with the conversations and stories so far so you will need a Glow username:

It’s been hectic so far, mainly because I am also road-testing the remote management of it all. I appreciate the patience of all the teachers and learners and it has been a bit scary. However, I remember Fearghal Kelly saying to me once, “If you’re in your comfort zone, you’re probably not learning much!” or words to that effect!

There’s a wee flavour below of the feedback which is making it all worthwhile.




By the way the ‘next set of authors’ were a team from Education Scotland who got a real experience of how tough it is to write under these conditions!

Bring on #digilearnscot day 3!

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