My #digilearnscot diary – Day 1

The day got off to a bang with 2 of the Digital Storytelling experiences. Over the day, the learners from St Michael’s, Gourock, Bankier, James Young and Deans built on starters from Cathy MacPhail and have introduced so many imaginative characters, plot twists and interesting scenes.

On Tuesday, just to keep me on my toes we are starting a third!

Storytelling tweet

In the afternoon, I was lucky to work with slightly older learners in the form of early learning and childcare educators working in Dundee. My colleagues, Lisa McCabe and I were there to show them the newly developed professional learning community ( We were affy grateful for the work of Dundee colleagues and the hospitality shown by the staff of St Paul’s Academy in Dundee.


During the day, I had a look at the suggestions coming in on #meandglow. It’s interesting the number of learners asking for more games on Glow. A reminder, if we need one, to take seriously the power of games-based learning and games design in our learning.

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