Digital Leaders @ Kirklandneuk Primary

Kirklandneuk ImageToday Glow TV joined Natalie Lochhead at Kirklandneuk Primary School as she told us all about the Digital Leaders in her school.

Natalie and her colleague Nicola Paterson started the process of employing Digital Leaders by employing children, who felt confident with ICT, to be part of a team of experts from Primary 4 to Primary 7. The children teach full class lessons, support during ICT slots and have supported teachers in the daunting experience for some, of using iPads in the classroom. Digital Leaders are a truly wonderful pupil group in Kirklandneuk Primary School and a must have for all schools!

You can watch the recording directly here – #DigiLearnScot – Digital Leaders @ Kirklandneuk Primary
Join Kirklandneuk and Glenburn on Friday morning when they will share their top tips for Digital Leader. Sign up for the Glow TV event here:

#DigiLearnScot – Meet the Digital Leaders


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